Re/media.Lab and LabCom.IFP recognize the existence of increased interest in local media in the form of diverse scientific, academic, professional, normative and empirical approaches. LOCAL MEDIA FAL(L) SCHOOLL assumes the role of local journalism in the new digital ecosystem as an fall school around local, regional, community and proximity media. To this end, it develops from September 19 to 21 an event that seeks to respond to this need and brings together some of the best academics and practitioners in a dynamic and mobilizing environment where team spirit and the exchange of knowledge are essential. To meet various needs and profiles, this school launches a call, proposing a flexibility of registrations that allow to satisfy several profiles and approaches.

This is an initiative that emerges from the Faculty of Arts and Letters (FAL) of the University of Beira Interior – who in the academic year 2019/20 celebrates its 20th anniversary – but which extends to all the territory where it is inserted, namely the city of Covilhã, its places and manifestations. The Cherovia Festival (september 18-22) is an example.


More information at www.labcom-ifp.ubi.pt/localmedia/

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