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Our goals

LabCom.IFP emerged from the fusion of two previous units, the Communication and Online Content Lab (LabCom), and the Institute of Practical Philosophy (IFP).

Along with the idea of creating synergies in the use of human and material resources, this merge was done in order for LabCom.IFP to pursue two main scientific goals:

1. To question the contemporary concept and status of the humanities;

2. To intensify the interdisciplinary research in the area of communication sciences.

From these goals arise three main general research questions:

Q1. Which are the ethical, political, communicational and aesthetic dimensions of the so-called “new humanities”?

Q2. What is the relation between the crisis of the humanities and the malfunctions or problems that occur in the ethical, political or communicational spheres?

Q3. To what extent is the classic ideal of the humanities feasible under the cultural, social, moral, political and communicational conditions of the contemporary world?

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