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LabCom Books is a transdisciplinary and multidisciplinary publishing platform devoted to the online publication of scientific books in and across the fields of Communication, Philosophy, and Humanities.

Designed for the universal diffusion of science and knowledge, LabCom Books publishes e-books in open access in Portuguese, English and other languages, also providing print-on-demand paperback copies, which can be ordered online for a small charge covering production costs. Besides a PDF edition, e-books are also available in the ePUB format.



LabCom Books welcomes proposals both from experienced scholars who aim for an open access circulation of their texts, and from young researchers whose scientific work may be valuable and innovative. Proposals will be evaluated according to subject and scientific areas.

We strongly encourage proposals from authors of transdisciplinary approaches in the broad domain of Humanities-Philosophy-Social Sciences, or proposals more specifically concerned with particular areas in which we have collections: Arts (Ars Collection), Communication (Communication Books).

Authors may send submissions either to the director of LabCom Books or to the responsible for each specific collection in the area of Communication or Arts (see contacts below). 


Scientific boards

LabCom Books is directed by Gisela Gonçalves and has a scientific committee responsible for pursuing its purpose and developing its design, which includes Anabela Gradim, José Rosa, Joaquim Paulo Serra, and Francisco Paiva.

Editorial counsels, composed by reputed scholars from Portuguese and foreign universities, provide scientific evaluation of author’s proposals within specific areas (see collections). 



Director: Gisela Gonçalves (

Coordinators of collections:

Ars: Francisco Paiva (;

Communication: Gisela Gonçalves (;

Print-on-demand: Cristina Lopes ( ou Tipografia (

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